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10 Questions to Prime Minister Abe 安倍首相への10つの公開質問

Updated on 2014 Dec 14
 Dear foreign journalists, activists, bloggers: Please DO cover fraud election with MUSASHI-vote counting company! PM Abe is a major stockholder of MUSASHI and Vice PM Aso's family company conducts exit polls. MUSASHI's stock price hiked in the middle of November and insider trading is suspected. http://fukushimaworkerslist.blogspot.jp/…/pm-abe-owns-many-…

2014年12月13日(総選挙の前日)追記 Updated on Dec 13 (a day before the election date), 2014
Q8:It was quite shocking to hear that Prime Minister Abe is a major stock holder of MUSASHI, the vote counting company which also contributes donation to Liberal Democratic Party.  Isn't it a fundamental problem that a Prime Minister owns stocks of vote counting firm which is the donator to the fuling party? 
Given this situation, isn't it necessary to retain all the ballot sheets and recount the votes manufally to confirm fair counting? http://fukushimaworkerslist.blogspot.jp/2014/12/pm-abe-owns-many-stocks-of-musashi-vote.html
Q9: Prime Minister Abe had visited Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, the thyroid cancer surgeon at Fukushima Medical University.  At this time, Dr. Suzuki have already conducted approximately 50 thyroid cancer kids' surgeries and commented that many kids had lymph nodes metastasis and some even with lung metastasis.  Though you should have known this grave fact, why did you just ignore this grave issue?  Around the same period, you were saying that nose-bleeding expressed in the comic book "Oishinbo" is just a groudless rumor.  Aren't you hiding the health hazards observed among Fukushima residents?http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2014/06/most-thyroid-cancer-kids-had-metastasis.html
質問10 安倍政権では残念ながら金銭スキャンダルで辞任された大臣もいらっしゃいましたが、安倍氏自身も週刊現代において2007年から「3億円の脱税疑惑」が取りざたされております。また最近もNHKプロデューサーからの献金について記載偽証の件で刑事告発を受けていらっしゃいますが、総理ご自身のこれらの不祥事については説明されないのでしょうか?
Q10 During the Abe regime, there were some Ministers who stepped down from their office due to political donation scandals.  However, weekly magazine, Shukan Gendai covered the 300 million yen tax evasion scandal on Prime Minister Abe in 2007.  Also this year, Prime Minister Abe is criminally accused for false records on his political donation from NHK TV producer. Why is there no explanations of Prime Minister's own scandals?


1 In 2006, when Mr. Hidekatsu Yoshii, a member of Parliament asked in the Diet to the then Prime Minister Abe regarding the possibility of nuclear power plant's station blackout to be caused by Tsunami, PM Abe answered, "There is no such possibility."  In regard to the actual station blackout and consequentive hazards brought by Fukushima nuclear accident, do you have any intention to make any formal apology and take some responsibility regarding this 2006 statement?


2. You were the Prime Minister when 2007 Niigata Chuetsu Oki Earthquake occured which caused the Kashiwazaki Kariwa nuclear plant accident.  As for Kashiwazaki-kariwa, active faults were found even before the construction of the plant.  http://takenouchimari.blogspot.jp/2013/04/please-stop-insane-japan-from-nuke.html
However, Tokyo Electric Company is trying to restart Kashiwazaki-Kariwa.  Don't you think this is an unacceptable situation?


3. I heard form the former Swiss Ambassador Mr. Mitsuhei Murata that Mr. Murata and former UN staff Mr. Akio Matsumura asked you to relocate children from contaminated areas in the autumn of 2012, and you did not give much response.  Children are the future of Japan itself.  Why were you not responding?

4.現在、福島県では、子供の甲状腺がんおよび疑いが、2次検査が半数にも満たないにもかかわらず、17万人中27名も見つかっており、これは少なくとも従来の甲状腺がんの発生率の数十倍に当たります。www.pref.fukushima.jp/imu/kenkoukanr (11ページの③)


4. Currently, already 27 child thyroid cancer patients were found out of 170,000 in Fukushima although more than half have not gone through the 2nd examination.  This ratio already shows dozens of times more at least compared to before.  www.pref.fukushima.jp/imu/kenkoukanr (Chart ③ in page 11)

What do you think of this most important issue?  And why haven't you taken this issue up until now?


5. In the first place, the nuclear budget was introduced the then Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone (Liberal Democratic Party) and the first nuclear power plant was introduced to Tokai village under the regime of Mr. Nobusuke Kishi (LDP), the then Prime Minister and the grandfather of current Prime Minister Abe (LDP).  Don't you think LDP should take more responsibility to have contaminated this beautiful nation? (i.e. "A beautiful nation" is the phrase Mr. Abe often uses.)

Now the restart of nuclear power plant is planned and disaster drills are being conducted in various areas, but don't you think it is totally wrong to think of restarting any nuclear power plant which could potentially further contaminate this beautiful nation?


6. Mr. Nobusuke Kishi, your grandfather and the former Prime Minister stated, "It is OK to have a nuclear weapon for self-defence" as early as May 1957.  In May 2002, you have also stated, "Even A-bombs are not unconstitutional.  If they are small-sized."  What do you mean by this?


7. In September 2012, I heard you saying at the Diet session on TV, "I have studied a lot and found out that there was no comfort women.  We should not let our children and grandchildren to learn these dishonored Japan.  We need to disregard Kono Talk."  What do you mean by this?

Also, you have altered your statement on comfort women issues quite often.  Can you explain these changes of your statements in the following article? http://peacephilosophy.blogspot.ca/2013/01/abe-shinzo-far-right-denier-of-history.html


東京医療保健大学へ伴信彦教授(buvery)の素行について公開質問Question to Prof. Nobuhiko Ban at Tokyo Healthcare University








buvery @buvery 2011年3月28日
今回の事故は短期で解決できません。『屋内退避』は『棄民』を体よく言っただけです。早く組織的な疎開を。:「汚染地扱い」されて「陸の孤島」 http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/5446539/











To leaders of ETHOS, Mr. Nobuhiko Ban and Ms. Yoko Kamata who, on twitter, talked about sueing me who has been opposing to ETHOS program.



A baby with two heads was reportedly born and died in Minamisouma.  Also, you know there are already 27 thyroid cancer kids in Fukushima.  Please immediately withdraw from ETHOS program that damages the health and lives of children and babies and do recommend residents to evacuate in stead.




On July 5th 2013,  I made a phone call to Mr. Asai from Management and Personnel Section at Tokyo Healthcare University on the following two points.  He was not sure whether I could get any reply, but he promised me to convey my message both to Professor Ban and the University.


Professor Nobuhiko Ban (Tokyo Healthcare University Nursing Department) has been calling me "DEMARIN" (coined word from Dema=demagogy + Mari=my first name) on twitter.  I am a freelance translator who released three radiation exposured related books from overseas and I have been calling for children's evacuation since the Fukushima accident, and Professor Ban has been slandering me trying to degrade my credibility.


To Prof. Ban, I have been repeatedly warning that his continued use of DEMARIN is extremely rude.  As for me, I am a single mother who has no regular income depending on only royalities, his impolite action is extremely annoying and I cannot overlook this problem.  I would like to have a comment from the University.

(PS. Even after the disclosure of this open question blog, Prof. Ban called me DEMARIN twice. See the bottom)


2. This second point is far more important than the first point.  Currently, there are 27 child thyroid cancer patients in Fukushima.  In spite of this urgent situation, Professor Ban (@buvery) is still spreading the false safety logic.


Professor Ban has been assisting and carrying out the program called ETHOS Fukushima.  ETHOS was once conducted in Belarus where residents in contaminated areas voluntarily measured radiation level to help decrease their radiation exposure after Chernobyl accident.


However, this ETHOS program was lead by Mr. Jacque Rochard who obtained fund from French pro-nuclear organizations, such as AREVA and evantually, the rate of healthy child in these contaminated areas had been decreased less than 20%. Mr. Rochard has been cooperating Fukushima ETHOS visiting Japan number of times including July 6 and 7th in Fukushima.


Regarding ETHOS, Dr. Michele Fernex, the former WTO doctor, has been carrrying out movement against this, and I myself worked for him as an interpreter when he came to Japan in 2012 and visited him in May 2013.


Please take a look at this 50 minute video depicting sick Chernobyl children and Dr. Fernex.  I think this video is a must-see movie for all the people in Japan now.


Also, please pay attention to the photo where Professor Ban and IAEA Dr. Gonzales (12 minutes in the video) were together before the accident.


This 8-minute-video explains about ETHOS by Dr. Fernex.


The following is the ETHOS article I wrote and I sent the same to the various sections of the UN including IAEA, but I have never received any counterarguments so far.



Professor Ban is one of the supporting members of ETHOS which deteriorted childrens' health in Belarus and has written some of ETHOS texts himself using his nickname of @buvery (very strange.  Usually, people do not use such nickname for writing academic text.)  Furthermore, he uses his real name for attending official ETHOS related meetings and disseminates ETHOS information and gives malicious slanders to those who raise opposing voices against ETHOS.

However, the other day, I was truly shocked to find that he had written on the mechanism of developing leukemia by radiation some years ago.  According to his papers, he had already found that radiation damages the gene Sfpi1 on chromosome No. 2 and promotes the aging process of hematopoietic stem cells, thus mouse could develop leukemia only after 1 or 2 years after irradiation!!


Thesis written by Prof. Nobuhiko Ban



While, Professor Ban wrote a number of excelled thesis on radiation effects, he assistes ETHOS progam that allows even pregnant women and children to live in contaminated areas.  I truly believe what he is doing is ethically wrong and this issue is a one of the most grave character which could affect the health and lives of many residents , uncomparable to the question No. 1.

On this issue, would your university have any views or insights?



Coversation between Mr. Asai (A), Management and Personnel Section, Tokyo Healthcare University and Mari Takenouchi (M)after raising the above 2 points. 


A: I am afraid this issue is not related to our university.  It would be difficult to give our view as university.


M: So you mean no comment from your university. By the way, I am writing my own blogs and I will disclose all the communication between you and me.


A: Well, I cannot decide on this myself, and our university is...


M: Of course you cannot.  Therefore, I would like your University to decide after you convey my messages to both Prof. Ban and the university office and then they can decide whether they will make any comment. 

I think your Univeristy is quite involved in this issue. The mere fact that Mr. Ban can keep the position as the professor shows some corruption of your academic society itself.


A: I cannot take only the opinions from your side, I think there are other views from our side.


M: Therefore, please make investigation yourself.  If you search for "buvery" and "DEMARIN(デマリン)," you can see a lot of information.  After looking at both sides, please make your decision.


A: I will convey your messages in any case. Let me excuse myself.

Post Script

On July 6th, the following day of July 5th when I made this phone call, Professor Ban was tweeting as follows.

buvery 2時間

@buvery "Maybe better to stop calling her as Shitty Demagogue Old Woman, I think DEMARIN is quite adequate for her."

buvery@buvery 7月6日
ふぉろーの関係が混乱してきたので、整理しようと思いました。今のところ一番便利なのは、 ブロックリストも同時に整理しました。デマリンももうブロックしてもよい時期なのでブロックしておきました。

@buvery: I have now complicated relationships with my twitter followers, ....therefore, I blocked DEMARIN since it was a good time.

buvery@buvery 7月25日
引っ越したおばさんか、デマリンはいかがでしょうか。RT : あとTimeLINEで度々流れる沖縄のおばちゃんとか、沖縄の人という隠語は、沖縄の人達に失礼な気がする…

buvery@buvery 7月27日


@buvery刑事告訴は標的を選定して行います。来週には警察と相談ですね。あんどーさんも十分我慢したと思うよ。RT : 安東さんはもし警察に行くんだったら、竹野内とカレイドスコープのブログを証拠としてもっていくべきだなあ。